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FEATURED AUCTION ITEMS AT THIS WEEKS AUCTION! 100oz Fine Silver Bars, Collector Bullion including: Johnson Matthey, US Silver Morgan Dollars: 1884-CC MS67, 1883-O MS66; American Silver Eagle Dollars: 1991 MS70, 1992 MS70, 2002 MS70, 1995 MS70, 1996 MS70, 1998 MS70; 1961 PR69 5C Jefferson, 1961 50C PR69 DCAM, Byzantine Empire Andronicus II Palaelogus with Michael IX 1282-1328 Golf Hyperpyron VF RARE, 2016 $20 Batman V Superman, Year of Snake $30 Australia 1kg 999 Silver, T. Eaton Company $50 Coin, Lunar Coins, $8 Chinese Railway Workers Coin Set, Canadian WWII Medal (Major Error Strike),

Royal Canadian Mint (Clean Goods and Premium Issues), Canadian Silver Dollars, Specimen Sets, Fractional Sets, Canadian Banknotes: $1,000.00, Bank of Brantford, Devils Face, UNC, RBC Large Format, BCS, Colonial BOC, 1878 Replacement Note, Collector Folios, King George, Edward, Queen Victoria – Silver Years, Art Gallery Selections including Original Signature Group of Seven Lithographs, US & World Currency, Coins in .9999 Fine Silver & .9999 Fine Gold, Turkey, Swiss and South African Gold Coins, Fine Silver Bars & Rounds, ICCS Certified Coins, World Banknotes, Arthur LaBelle Tokens, Special Dealer Numismatic Lots, World Stamps including King George VI, New & Estate 10-14kt Gold Diamond & Genuine Gemstone Jewellery, Loose Gemstones, Original Stone Sculptures, RC Drones, Sports Memorabilia, RCA 50″ LED TV, Tablets and Much More!

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Check Out These Featured Items up for Auction!
Live Online Auction Wednesday March 23rd, 2016

Panasonic 6.0 Cordless Phone System. 5 Handsets

Panasonic – 4 in 1 Epilator (ED64-S)

Estate Bank Note Collection in Deluxe Mahogany Collector Case.
(5) Bank of Canada 1937 Notes, (1) 1935 Note and (1) Chartered 1938 Note.

1991 USA Silver Eagle MS70 (PCI) Super Rare Coin in (MS70)
Flawless Coin (EIER) Estimate ($3000.00-$5750.00)

JM ‘Assayers and Refiners’ .9999 Fine Silver 10 ounce Bar
with Serial Number, No Longer Made. Collector Bullion

4 x Morrisseau Giclee’s. Norval Morrisseau (1931-2007) Giclee with Seal “Inorganic”
Publishers Proof #15 (approx. 32×24″ unframed) Hand signed by Son Christian Morrisseau, and

3 x Christian Morrisseau Giclee’s “Woodland Merman”,
“Thunderbird Rising”, “Shaman Artist” All Matched #15 Artists Proof.
RARE Match Number 15

Father and Son Collection with Cert and Foundation Seal. 

Year of The Monkey 2016 – $30.00 .9999 Fine Silver – 1 Kilo Coin. Rare Collector Bullion

Switzerland 1930 20 Francs .900 Fine Gold Coin (EF)

100pc Centennial Car Collection .925 Sterling Silver Ingots,
Portraying the 100 Greatest Cars of Automobiles 1st Century. Original Wood Case and Book.

‘Panasonic’ FZ70 Lumix Camera Pro Series

Panasonic ZS45 Digital Camera 16MP 20x Zoom

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Auction Network and our family of accredited auctioneers bring the auction to you! Join us in-person at our studio or

Join us in-person at our studio or
A true live auction experience every Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday! We are Canada’s Trusted, Live Online Auction House.

NEW COIN COLLECTIONS JUST IN! 100oz Fine Silver Bars (RCM and Johnson Matthey) NGC 1901 Canada 5C MS 63, MS70 American Silver Eagles, 1961 American Jefferson 5C PR69, American Silver Peace Dollars, 1961 Franklin 50C PRDC-69 and more to be unpacked! Collector Bullion including: Johnson Matthey, Australian Koala, Japanese Royal Wedding 32oz, Nato Silver Bullet; US & World Paper Money: Canadian Chartered Banknotes, Dominion & Province of Canada, W & J Bell – Upper Canada, Specimens, Farmers Joint Bank, Devils Face, 1988 Canadian $1000.00, German Emergency Money, Confederate State American, Red Deals, South Carolina Farmers Exchange, Rare BCS and PMG Notes,

World Gold Coins, New Royal Canadian Mint Items including Rare Error Sets, ICCS, PCI, Tokens, Medals, .9999 Fine Gold & Silver Collection Coin Sets, Ancient Roman & Greek Coins, German, Dutch, French & Belgian Rare Coin Sets, Stamp Collector Albums, Jewellery: Diamonds, Gold, Sterling Silver & Gemstones, Artwork, Hand Signed Sports Collectibles, Gallery Carvings & Bronze, Various Collector Die-cast (Matchbox, Corgi, Lledo), Electronics: RCA 50″ LED Brand New TV, RC Helicopters, Dyson DC43 and Much, Much More!

Check Out These Featured Items up for Auction!

8x Bank of Canada 1975 One Hundred Dollar Notes. 8
Consecutive Numbers ‘Uncirculated’

Royal Canadian Mint 100 ounce .9999 Fine Silver Bar.
Poured Silver with Serial Number

‘Thomas Kinkade (1958-2012) Litho ‘Bridge of Hope’ Plate
Signed. 36×26″

1991 USA Silver Eagle MS70 (PCI) Super Rare Coin in (MS70) Flawless Coin
(EIER) Estimate ($3000.00-$5750.00)

A.J. Casson (1898-1992) Casson Casson Litho ‘Casson Lake’
11×17 Unframed. Original Signature. Appraised: $700.00

 RARE Collectible. “Sterling Silver”
“Johnnie Walker Bottle” (Black Label)

USA 1893 $10.00 22kt Gold “Eagle” Coin (.900). (EF)

JM Rare 100 ounce .9999 Bar – Poured Silver
Low Serial Number. Premium Bar. No Longer Made

 2012 .9999 Fine Silver Kilo Coin “Year of the Dragon”
“30 Dollar”. RARE Sold out.

1961 USA Silver Franklin 50 Cent Coin PR69 (DCAM) (PCI) (OIXR)
Estimate : $1200-$2000.00. Frosted Deep Cameo – Almost Perfect Franklin (Scarce)

6x Royal Canadian Mint .9999 Fine Silver Wildlife Limited Edition Collector Coins –
‘Bison, Arctic Fox, Trout, Cougar, Deer and Grizzly Bear’ Mint Condition

Year of The Horse 2014 – $30.00 .9999 Fine Silver
1 Kilo Coin. Rare Collection Bullion. Sold Out

Bank of Canada One Thousand Dollar Uncirculated Pristine Banknote

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Auction Network and our family of accredited auctioneers bring the auction to you! Join us in-person at our studio or

Collecting Banknotes – Building a Beautiful and Valuable Collection From Paper Money Auctions

Banknotes - Banknotes Auction Toronto

Collecting banknotes allows you to collect a valuable item that can take you around the world from the comfort of your own home. Many note collectors are attracted to the notion of exploring different cultures, countries and history through their collection of paper money.

We specialize in offering some of the most exciting paper money auctions in Toronto and throughout the country. Every auction allows us an opportunity to present bidders with a vast selection of banknotes. Many find paper money to have a unique beauty, colour and artistic expression.

Our goal is to truly try to offer something that fits for any currency collection. Typically, we focus on offering high demand paper money items such as historic Canadian and international bills, rare banknotes and paper bills in high denominations.

Essentially, if it’s collectible and interesting, you’ll probably find it on our auction block. We find the greatest interest in obsolete, fractionals, errors, colonials and confederate banknotes. These items connect collectors to another time.

Some of the most exciting collectibles are obsolete paper bills. These obsolete paper banknotes no longer have any face value. Typically, these currencies were printed by private institutions that were not associated with a government. Many of these bills were issues by private American and Canadian banks in the 19th Century. The growth potential on obsolete currencies is very exciting, these paper banknotes can be extremely rare. It can be hard to price such bills due to their rarity, auctions are a great way to add obsolete bills at a strong value.

Misprinted currency bills are another hot-selling collectible at our paper money auctions. Condition is a very important factor for misprinted bill collectors. A common misprinted banknote in good condition will typically fetch hundreds of dollars on the auction block. The ideal collectible is a misprint on an already rare and valuable banknote. Extremely rare and unusual, such a bill can sell for huge amounts of money in an auction.

We auction off many Canadian paper bills to customers. Canadian banknotes can be excellent collector pieces, especially those printed before 1936. Again, the best banknotes are both rare and are in excellent condition. These bills can sell for thousands of dollars very easily. Also, the detailed artwork on these bills provides an excellent historical commentary on our nation’s monarch, past prime ministers and scenery. The international paper bill collecting community is now taking notice of our own historical currency. This is resulting in an exciting market with strong demand and growing values.

Today, the banknote collecting community is growing at quick pace. Collectors are attracted to the notion of buying paper money as a beautiful collectible, as a sound investment, or both. Values of paper money continue to increase making many personal collections very valuable and marketable.

Paper banknote collecting is one of the most exciting collectible markets. It’s an attractive option for all age groups and income levels. The cost of entry can be very low, while more active collectors will find excitement in adding more valuable and rare bills to their collections.

At Auction Network we greatly enjoy hosting some of the most exciting paper money auctions both locally and abroad. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to get the latest updates on banknotes heading to auction.


Auction Network - Live & Online Auctions Weekly

Auction Network is located in Toronto, Canada and conducts auctions on a regular basis including a full time auction consignment house. They have the latest technology in the auction business including fully interactive live auctions through all online and mobile devices with spirited bidding. With over 35 years of experience in the auction industry, they specialize in art, jewelry, coins and banknotes, antiques, memorabilia, and much more. They can perform estate sales, liquidations, business closures, and fundraisers. Their auctions can always be found on with full catalogs and photos online before auction day.

Consignors need to look no further than the Auction Network. They are specialists in estate and downsizing auctions, and are willing to take collectibles, furnishings, home garden equipment, tools, art, jewelry, memorabilia, glass and china, and more. Anything you can find in the home, can be consigned to be sold to the highest bidder. They will work with consigners to determine estimated values, and look to get top dollar. With their vast network of marketing, the latest bidding technology, and a large mailing list of online bidders; they are sure to get the best price in the market for goods.

There are auctions during the week on evenings, often on Wednesdays, that are coming right from their Toronto location. Saturdays are often a busy day with large auctions with great consignments. Many of the auctions feature collectible coins and currency, quality jewelry, and fine artwork. They also can include one of a kind antiques, collectibles, and memorabilia. On a regular basis, these auction days will have major liquidation auctions that have a complete range of household items included in the auction.

If you collect something, if you need something, then a weekly routine should be browsing the online catalogs from AuctionNetwork and seeing what they have to offer. There is something for everyone; whether in Canada or around the world. They provide prompt service, quality items, safe shipping methods, and stand behind their auction business. All catalogs are uploaded on a weekly basis with photos and descriptions and you can view them here Auction Catalogues.

When bidders are looking for online deals, they turn right to Auction Network to find almost anything they are looking for at fantastic auction prices. Once or twice a week, with online bidding via, Auction Network broadcasts live and online auctions selling hundreds of items each sale to the highest bidder. Through their online bidding, they have built up a worldwide audience of thousands of bidders that can register and bid for an auction in a simple and easy format.

Ancient Roman Coins

History of Roman Empire Coins

Ancient Roman CoinsCoins tell a story. They instantly connect us to the past, to ancient civilizations and faraway lands. Experienced coin collectors take pride in their collections and the tales their coins provide. Every collection is unique and buyers tend to be very active.

Some of the most exciting coins come from the ancient Roman era. These coins are beautiful artifacts of a time that shaped much of our modern life and formed the foundation of our political systems. Coins from the ancient Roman period are visually stunning. The attention to detail, remarkable toning and accents make these pieces a highlight in many collections.

Unlike today’s coins, ancient roman coins were struck and made by hand by people who have long since passed. Each coin is truly unique from any other. This connection appeals to both serious and casual coin collectors.

Historians generally believe that the Roman Empire began utilizing coins for currency in the late 4th Century BCE. These coins first found use in the cradle of the empire in modern-day Italy. As the borders of the Roman Empire grew so did the use of coins throughout the civilization. During its peak the Roman Empire covered much of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The empire was extremely diverse, with each region featuring its own unique culture. A strong and universal currency system allowed a the Roman economy to grow and join together the various regions and people across the empire for eight centuries.

The ever-evolving Roman economy caused coinage denominations and values to change throughout the years.  Common coins such as the sestertii and denarii would remain staples in Roman currency and are therefore some of the most sought after coins by collectors throughout the world. The commonly used coin in the empire was the bronze coin. Coins are typically taken at face amounts, they were not weighed and their material content did not factor into value. Currency was ingrained in everyday Roman life, they provided the average person the ability to quickly express exact prices for goods and services.

Ancient Roman coins did more than serve as currency. The striking images and portraits communicated power and strength throughout the empire. Busts of legendary rulers such as Julius Caesar, ancient gods and goddesses connected citizens to their monarch and religion. All of which were key elements in keeping the empire unified.

Millions of coins were produced during empire’s dominance. Coins are constantly being unearthed in archaeological sites throughout the former empire’s lands and seas. The large amount of Roman Empire coins provides collectors with the ability to build very interesting collections. Prices of coins will vary greatly depending on rarity, metal materials, condition and age. Common bronze coinage can be very affordable and are excellent pieces for beginners wanting to build a collection. Rare coins made of materials such as gold are much more valuable and desirable throughout the coin community.

In many ways Ancient Roman Coins are closest thing we have to a time machine. These unique and valuable artifacts serve a souvenirs to times long past when figures such as Alexander the Great, Constantine, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra walked the earth.

At the Auction Network, we too are coin lovers. We take a lot of pride in the great selection of Roman Empire coins we’re able to auction off every week. Each auction will feature a diverse selection of Ancient Roman coins suitable for both casual collectors and museum grade collections. We look forward to seeing you at the auction!

Just in for this weekends two-session sale! 2006 10th Anniversary Two Dollar Gold Coin. This special gold two dollar coin has been minted to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the two dollar coin, lovingly referred to by most Canadians as the “twoonie”. Specifications: Face Value: $2.00, Weight: 14.02 grams, Diameter: 28 mm, Edge: Interrupted Serrations, Finish: Proof and Mintage: 3000.



Wednesday, March 9th, 2016
Auction start 6:00pm EST. | Preview from 5:00pm EST.
Studio: Auction Network, 501 Alden Road, Markham, Ontario
Full catalogue listing available at:

Auction Network brings the auction to you!
Join us at our auction studio in-person or BID LIVE, REAL-TIME (LIVE VIDEO/AUDIO) with our accredited family of auctioneers. Canada’s Trusted, Live Online Auction House Toronto.

These Auction Items Just in!

2015 Prestige Panda Gold First Strike Set

LIVE ONLINE AUCTION MARCH 9TH 2016 6PM EST2015 Prestige Panda Bear .999 Pure Gold 5 Coin Set.
“First Strike, One of the First 750 bullion Gold
and .999 Fine Oval RARE Silver Coloured Goat.”
Low Issue #/750. All Graded with Cert and Original Case.


Suisse Fine Silver CombiBars

LIVE ONLINE AUCTION MARCH 9TH 2016 6PM EST“Suisse” .999 Fine silver 100 Grams of Silver Bars (10 x 10grams) Cased
Bid Now!

LIVE ONLINE AUCTION MARCH 9TH 2016 6PM EST“Suisse” .999 Fine silver
100 Grams of Silver Bars (100 x 1 grams) Cased.
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Prince Naruhito 32oz. Coin

LIVE ONLINE AUCTION MARCH 9TH 2016 6PM EST1993 Japanese Royal Wedding Proof .999
Fine Silver Coin with cert.(32oz)
1 Kilo- Low Issue of 1000 only. (sxrr)

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Year of the Monkey 1 Kilo Coin

LIVE ONLINE AUCTION MARCH 9TH 2016 6PM EST2016 “Year of the Monkey” 1 Kilo .999 Pure Silver Coin
Bid Now!


Dealer Lots of Royal Canadian Mint (Clean, Unopened Product), Banknote Bundles & Lots; Canadian, US & World Currency; Coins in 9999 Fine Silver & 9999 Fine Gold, 22kt Gold British Sovereigns; 22kt Gold Franc, Korona & Kurish Coins; Gold and Bronze Byzantine Coins, Large Quantity of Fine Silver Bars & Rounds, King George, Edward, Queen Victoria – Silver Years, ICCS Certified Coins, Collector World Banknotes in Various Presentations, Special Dealer Numismatic Lots, Important World Stamp Albums Collections from Various Estates Across the World, Estate & New 10-14kt Gold Diamond & Genuine Gemstone Jewellery, Loose Gemstones, NAO Spain Fine Hand Made Porcelain, Private Art Collection, Original Stone Sculptures, RC Drones, Hand Signed Sports Memorabilia & Much, Much More!

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