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Christian Morriseau was born and raised in Red Lake, Ontario. He is the son of the renowned Woodland Artist, Norval Morriseau, and the 2nd child to follow in his father’s footsteps.

The love of art is a Morriseau family tradition. His love of this style of art was passed down to him by his father, Norval, who in turn had learned it from his grandfather Potan, who was a well-known and respected traditional Shaman. Christian learned and listened to his father’s teachings, and was inspired to begin painting in May 2002.  He paints his animal images, landscape, his family, his traditions, and his legends. Christian is developing his artistic gifts with intensity, discipline, and passion. One of his first paintings was purchased by the Minister of the Department of Indian Affairs, Robert Nault, for a gift presentation at the historical treaty signing between the Inuit and the Government of Canada, in October of 2002.

Christian also teaches the Woodland art style to both native and non-native students in Thunder Bay, and across other northwestern Ontario communities. Christian Morrisseau’s work can be found throughout Canada in Ottawa, Toronto, Thunder Bay, Windsor, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Qualicum.

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Four Spiritual Grandfathers
by Christian Morrisseau
All Original Artwork of Christian Morrisseau Will Now Be Sold Exclusively By “Auction Network”


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Christian Morrisseau, born in 1969 is the son of the renowned Woodland Artist, Norval Morrisseau and Harriet Morrisseau. Christian is the youngest of seven children and the second to follow in his father’s footsteps, being an accomplished artist in his own right.

Christian Morrisseau
Christian Morrisseau Presents” Two Spirits” Original Painting to Jennifer, on June 26, 2016 in Markham Ontario.

Christian Morrisseau (1969-)

Artist’s Statement:

I speak as one son, an artist, and an Ojibwe. I am a born artist. This is not by accident. I work with and out of Anishnabe myths that have become the mark of the Woodland School of Art.

I have had to contend with the terrible strength of my father’s vision. I am not alone. Such was his ability, that there is hardly a Native artist who does not learn from Norval’s artistic strength.

My father taught by being. He never gave lessons. Art to him was waking in the morning. Art was revelation of the Ojibwe history. Art was getting ready for bed. I didn’t name it. I just knew it. I lived Norval Morrisseau’s art.

My brother David and I sit solidly within the scope of Woodland Art – yet we are seen as different and alone.”

Christian was born on December 11, 1969 and raised in Red Lake, Ontario. He now currently lives between Thunder Bay and Keewaywin First Nation, Ontario. He is the son of the renowned Woodland Artist, Norval Morrisseau and Harriet Morrisseau. Christian is the youngest of seven children. He is the 2nd to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Christian is an accomplished artist in his own right. His love of this style of art was a tradition passed down to him by his father, Norval, who in turn learned from his grandfather, Potan. Potan was a well-known and respected traditional Shaman. Christian spent many months learning and listening to his father’s teachings and commernced painting in May 2002. He wanted to share his gift and keep the Morrisseau’s family traditions and stories alive.

Christian paints in the Woodland style, which was developed by his father Norval, upon receiving a vision instructing him to do so. Today there are well over 400 followers, including Christian, that paint in the Woodland style. Christian is inspired to paint animal images, landscape, his father and children, his people’s traditions, and their legends.

Christian is a devout student of his father’s art, and yet continues to develop his artistic gifts with intensity, discipline, and passion. This desire and dedication are reflected in the success of his pieces, which sell well in many markets and are widely accepted by art lovers. Christian has donated works to charitable organizations including; youth organizations, Diabetes organizations, the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition The Outdoor Writers of Canada, and to the Nishnawbe-Aski Nation ‘Treaty 9 ‘ where Christian originates.

Christian also teaches the Woodland art style to both native and non-native students in Thunder Bay and across other northwestern Ontario communities. Christian Morrisseau’s work can be found throughout Canada in Ottawa, Toronto, Thunder Bay, Windsor, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Qualicum.

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2002 2 x Canada 1922NR-1922FR Five Cent Coins (sxe) (ATTN: 2 times the bid price)

2009 Muhammad AliM. Ali 16×20 Litho. May 25, 1965 vs. Sonny Liston.
6 x RCM Issue: Looney Tunes 2015 .999 Fine Silver $10.00 Collector Coins, Limited Edition with C.O.A. (ATTN: 6 times the bid price)
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A.J. Casson (1898-1992) ‘Magnificent Ten’ Collection Giclee ‘Little Island’ from the ‘Summer Into Winter’ Folio. 26×31 Unframed. Limited Edition of 10 Worldwide. Original Folio with Certs. Appraisal: $3500.00 – In the Timeless Tradition of Master Craftsman, each of the ‘plates’ in this monumentous production of A.J. Casson’s ‘Summer into Winter’ is carefully chosen for both is historical and creative integrity and beauty. House in some of the most astute private collections and found on the walls of leading public galleries scattered across Canada. A.J. Casson’s masterworks will be appreciated for generations to come. Using only the finest of materials and applying the Publisher’s exclusive award winning intelliquad process to produce the finest fidelity to the originals available today.
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Ladies ‘Atelier’ by MM Crystal – Designer 3 Bracelet (2009) 60 Fancy Cut Flawless Swarovski Elements = 43.50cts. (3 Rows) All Bezel and Baguette Set. Appraised $575.00)


NFLD 1881 5 Cent Coin (MXR) F-15 ICCS

 Coins Live Online Auction Toronto - Auction Network

1982 Prince Williams 22kt Gold BU Half Sovereign Coin, Limited Edition 40k worldwide.

 IPhone - Live Online Auction Toronto
Apple Iphone 5c – 16GB Blue UnLocked. Complete with Accessories
 Coins - Online Live Auction Toronto
2012 Year of The Dragon $30.00 Coin .9999 Fine Silver – ‘1 Kilo’ Rare Sold Out Coin

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